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Minhou craftwork creativity continues to increase the R & D input and constantly update the product

Issuing time:2018-07-18 10:38

"With the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, today's Minhou handicraft industry has broken the traditional impression of people, occupying the innovation of" highland ", and selling it is a creative idea. Yesterday, Hong Minjie, President of the Minhou County craftwork Association, said in an interview with a reporter.

In recent years, Minhou home decoration handicraft enterprises have made new materials through machine switching and new materials. The industry from the original single bamboo, bamboo, wood, expanded to eight grass, rattan, iron, nearly one million varieties; production crafts with oriental charm of its unique, well received by customers in Europe and around the world favor. In 2016, the customs export was $651 million.

The number of product changes is up to tens of thousands of kinds a year

"The year before last Christmas Eve, a series of LED holiday decorations Minxing production sold out of stock in the United States, major shopping malls, products put shelves sold, American distributors rush orders snowed in. The factory is working overtime to supply the goods to foreign countries, and the delivery of air delivery is 10 times higher than that of the sea. " Lin Shuidi, chairman of Minhou Min Xing knitting and Weaving Co., Ltd., introduces more than 3200 employees in Min Xing, and the output value is 600 million yuan per year. The company's products are exported to Europe and the United States 95%. With the rising of people's aesthetic ideas, in recent years Home Furnishing accessories change faster and faster, the annual change of the product are tens of thousands of species.

Reporters saw in the product exhibition room of Min Xing company, many foreign merchants are communicating with R & D personnel on product characteristics. Enterprises can adjust product design immediately to meet the needs of foreign market according to customer requirements. In the past, a product can survive for 3 years in the market, but now, it is only one year in popularity.

"In 2015, sales of only LED products reached $30 million, but in 2016, this product was not popular." Shuidi Lin said, the market change, the test is sensitive to the trend of entrepreneurs, in order to capture foreign consumer habits, enterprises in recent years to send professional teams stationed in Europe and the United States market research abroad, the annual investment of 24 million yuan of new products, research and development of new technology, there are new ideas, new products every year guarantee.

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