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Most of the home ornaments are creative, practical and popular.

Issuing time:2018-07-18 10:38

In recent years, when the Ministry of housing and construction of the "fine decoration" new housing work to promote, "soft heat" for a moment tossed the whole home market. Although the parties call, the development of soft decoration has been a lot of expectations, and the home decoration industry has also become a "model standard" in the soft wear industry. For home space, household goods can not only strengthen the visual effect, but also have cultural significance, and are increasingly loved by designers and consumers.

However, in the process of development of early mature, Home Furnishing jewelry also changes from "blindly follow" to "a bit tired" phenomenon, gradually cooling down.

Home ornaments are flashy

It is understood that home decoration industry has been an independent and mature industry abroad. Soft decoration has a high penetration rate in developed countries. In Europe and America, it is around 90%, while Japan is 100%. In Europe and Japan, commercial housing is generally decorated, including walls, ceilings, floorboards, doors and windows, and so on. The home decoration is the main body to complete the decoration and form the style. Household ornaments spend less time and short, can be designed and arranged by themselves, and can maximize the master's taste and style.

In China, with the less and less proportion of the blank room, the hardcover repair house has gradually become the mainstream of the new commercial housing market. Home furnishings are difficult to satisfy consumers' pursuit of personality and taste, and home ornaments can make up for this deficiency. At present, the average proportion of refined decoration in the country is less than 10%. Compared with the level of 80% in the major developed countries, there is still a big gap, and the market development has a broad space.

School of architecture, Southeast University professor and doctoral tutor Gao Xiangsheng said, the future of the renovation will be batch manufacture factory mode of operation, but with the spirit of the people to enhance the level of personalized requirements will be increasingly high, they will pursue their living space more and more personality, to be able to meet their own life needs, but also to meet the psychological needs. This is certainly a contradiction between the two, the best point of balance this contradiction is soft decoration, Home Furnishing jewelry is the punchline.  So, in the future, in the industry, there will be a number of soft designers, to meet more and more market demand.

Home ornaments, in a strong noise in the sound of people in the field of vision. Many enterprises with "soft outfit", "soft decoration" in the tide of development, thus, another batch of crazy followers influx in the industry.  When there are more and more decorative furnishings on the market, many designers say that the choice of soft ornaments is less and less, because floating on its surface, the function is more and more weakened.  Faced with the increasingly unpractical soft decoration of various art exhibition centers and soft sell stores, some designers even said they could not help but design and make soft decorations with their own producers, especially furnishings for home furnishings.

One side is in possession of a huge potential Home Furnishing jewelry market certainly, the other side is the excessive reclamation enterprise chaos. More and more manufacturers are beginning to realize that home decorations must take the responsibility of both functional and decorative.  After all, if an item is stationed in the home space, it will not be practical and effective if it only plays the role of "land occupation". Besides the high-end residential area can enjoy the space, the general housing is still unbearable. Besides, with the popularization of small house property and the value of living space, "saving space" and "practical" equivalent use is what people really expect.

Market favors practicality

In 2013, more than half of the line, large soft installed in the hot market still occupies a high degree of concern, the efforts of the household jewelry industry enterprises can be described. They follow the needs of consumers, respond to the market, and move forward. Currently the market for fine looking Home Furnishing sparks of fire functional regression, if taking advantage of effectively promote, will form a prairie habitat.

Although the Home Furnishing jewelry industry market in the past six months, it seems placid from the pattern, but in the face of consumers, started through various means, to find a new selling point more to improve service and market links. In this exhibition tumultuous period, the enterprise may feel more diversified than usual Home Furnishing consumption concept.

In ordinary Chinese families, people's decoration concept has been gradually rising, but often due to economic constraints, they mostly stay at the manual decoration level of vases, boutique display and other small objects. On the other hand, most of the decorating houses or large villas are decorated by professional interior designers, without much economic constraints. From the current market situation of home accessories, the reason why ordinary families choose their home accessories is difficult. The main reason is that the current home decorations are lack of practicality, but they can not get the favor of ordinary consumers.

Faced with such a dilemma, though some enterprises have begun to act, but in order to really improve the industry situation, jewelry companies need to be more mature, truly consumer oriented, to meet the needs of consumers. After all, apart from the visual aspects such as color and style, consumers pay more attention to the safety standards of buying food on the go home, and whether there will be any safety hazard to buy home toys, whether the vase to buy home can only be dis

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